Power For Expanding Your Business

...putting YOU in control

How would you like to be part of something HUGE?  BEA is going to be a force in the marketplace to help owners and managers of small to medium sized businesses develop the services every business needs.

For a limited time, we are offering FREE memberships and are willing to extend that to a grand-fathered, LIFE-TIME, paid up membership in exchange for your creativity and input.

We already have a few captive business services such as the BEA semi-automatic, electronic, secure, online bookkeeping service.

We already have a panel of experienced business coaches ready to provide you with on the spot help via phone and e-mail …inquiries are FREE, of course, but so is an initial one-hour of consulting also FREE. This …for every area of your business from market expansion,  to attracting additional capital and tips for higher profitability.

We have a slew of ideas we will be implementing soon to help provide business owners everything they need. Imagine a business-to-business advertising service where you can offer thousands of businesses the products and services your company provides and it costs you nothing except offering a discount to other BEA members!

Imagine being able to have a source for needed business capital without having to give away an arm and a leg in equity or high interest rates.

Imagine having a sales and marketing team at your disposal to sell your product line or services on a straight commission basis with NO UP-FRONT COST.

Keep imagining and share what you might have to offer that will help us grow and help your business grow at the same time.

We are looking for the best providers of all kinds of services and you can be a part of the selection process or offering your services …HR, legal, insurance, finance, accounting, consulting, sales and marketing, you name it and imagine being a part of the BUSINESS EQUITY ASSOCIATION.

Call or write me today and get on board while the getting on board is
FREE and probably highly profitable for YOU.

Doug Ferguson  

Direct line 954/975-9513